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Choosing the Email "from address" when sending outgoing email
Users may compose emails within the EBSuite client and choose to select the "From email Address" to be that of one of the incoming accounts that are setup in the account.

Users may setup multiple incoming email accounts where each account will obviously have a different email address. That email address is available to be used as a "From Address" when composing an outgoing email. If this functionality is enabled, the user simply chooses the Incoming Account to serve as the Outgoing email's from address.

To enable the functionality you must carefully follow these instructions. The "yes/no" choice to enable the drop-down in the composition email is accessed by a hidden web page.

From the Main Tabs pick Account (or Account Setup) > General/UI > Side Bar

Now notice the URL address in the browser: http://www.eb........id=SLS_SUMRY-SIDEBAR
Replace the expression: SLS_SUMRY_SIDEBAR with EML_CHOOSE_FROM

Hit the enter key on the keyboard to go to that new URL (browser address).

This page will allow you to change the account wide preference for allowing the "From Address" drop down.

Save these instruction in case you wish to revert. The changes will take place for all users in your account.

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