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Is there a way to setup project template?

" ... And is there a way to set up project templates? Example: On each house I would have 20 or 30 small projects (or tasks?), and they are would be the same each time (cost would be different though, depending on the house)...."

Project template is supported. Please follow these steps:

  • Create, or work on an existing project. All the way till the whole project is finished. (100% )
  • Navigate to the project summary page. You should find your project in the "Finished Project" section.
  • Right click on a finished project and select 'Make Template' to turn the project into a template.
  • After you have at least one project template, when you create  a new project you will see the "use template" selection.
  • In Project templates, the steps (tasks) and their relative date is replicated.

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