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Login to your account from YOUR web site

Here is the code - just place in on your web site. You may want to modify the fonts and add graphics. Also, the LOURL is the log out URL. Be sure to edit that so the return from logging out is your web site.

</p><p><form name="login" action="http://www.ebsuite.com/ozLogin.jsp" method=post>
<table width=200 cellspacing=0 cellpadding=0 border=0>
  <td width="14%" align=right nowrap class=normalSmall><strong>Company:  </strong></td>
  <td width="86%" align=left nowrap class=normalSmall><input type=text name=companyName class=textInput size=18 value="" /></td>
  <td align=right nowrap class=normalSmall><strong>User:  </strong></td>
  <td class=normalSmall align=left nowrap><input type=text name=userName class=textInput size=18 value="" /></td>
  <td align=right nowrap class=normalSmall><strong>PW:  </strong></td>
  <td class=normalSmall align=left nowrap><input type=password name=passWord class=textInput size=18 value=""></td>

  <td> </td><td class=normalSmall align=left nowrap>
    <input type=submit name="submitBtn" class=normalButton value=LOGIN />

<input type=hidden name=ru value="">
      <input type=hidden name=rup value="">
      <input type=hidden name=lourl value="http://www.yourgotosite.com/index.php">



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