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How to send an email to multiple people without using a campaign

If you want to send a quick email to multiple people, but do not want to go through the steps to configure a marketing campaign, please follow these simple steps:

  • Get to your recipient list by
    • Perform a Contact Search, or
    • Perform a Contact Quick Find
    • Goto one of your Contact List
  • At the end of the above step, in all 3 cases, multiple select your intended contacts, click the [Mail & Print] button
  • Click on the [Send Emails], choose and click on a email template.
  • At this time, all your selected contacts has been individually mail merged with the template. You can click view to double check the content.
  • Hit [Submit].


This is a much easier way to send group emails than configuring a marketing campaign. Of course, doing this the simple way means you will also miss some of the campaign features, like:

  • track link clcikthrough
  • track email read
  • (new in campaign) when a recipient clicks on a link in your campaign, you can be notified via email or SMS in real time.
  • reporting
  • ...



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