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Adding an Attachment to a Sales Module template
For lack of a better place, attachment materials stored for use in email templates are stored as part of a PRODUCT (Account > sub-tab Product/Category). Create a Product and add your attachment to Documents and Materials of the Product (see the tab). Now when you create a template you'll see Product Brochures - Add. The Add link will open all the documents that have been added to Products.

But there is more. Selecting the document by clicking will insert a ##blah blah blah## link into the code window of the template you're working on. It will not insert it into the HTML editor, if the editor happens to be open, only into the Text or HTML source page.

Create a sample template and work with retrieving the attachment from the Add link so you can see where the ##blah blah balh## link goes. You can put this link anywhere without having to do anything else to make it a live link to the attachment.

So, templates don't really have attachments, they have a way you can create a link to your document that integrates into your template.

BTW - we do now have a way to delete Marketing Template - check box delete within the template editor

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