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Portals Users may see cases created by others within their Company

EBSuite Development

From the Portal, Portal users may view all cases where they are associated with the Organization. i.e. see all cases for the Organization to which they belong.

- If a case is created internally or imported, by default it is *not* externally share-able.
- If a case is created from the portal, there is a checkbox to decide whether the case is externally sharable.
- The default / current setting is: if a case is created from the portal, by default it is externally share-able.

But there is another way.

- ask the customer to goto each case, and check the "Share within my organization" checkbox.

- Or, Admin can login to the app, (not the portal), do a "Search" on all cases that belongs toTHEN do an update field to set Externally Sharable to "Y".



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