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Improving Application Response Time
If you have been using EBSuite CRM for an extended period of time, you may see screen response time getting slower as your data accumulates over the years. Here are some tips to speed up the application response time:
  1. Manage your alerts & reminders.
    In our new interface, the application alerts & reminders are displayed in the top bar on every page . This means that if you do not manage your alerts, (we have some users who never read & close those alerts, and thus have accumulated over 8000 entries), every page would suffer a speed penalty. image1 The solution is to click into these alerts once in a while, and close those that you've already dealt with. If you really do not want to use in application alerts at all, you can always goto Account -> Preferences -> General/UI -> Other -> Reminder & Alert : Delivery Method, and de-select "Application Message & Alert".
  2. Search for only what you need.
    In the upper right corner of each page, there is a Quick Find search box. To the right of the search button there is a small dropdown icon, which allow you to search for a specific type of data entity. image2 If you do not use this, we will search across all common data types, thus slowing down the search.
  3. View 'Open' Cases by default.
    In most common helpdesk setups, cases ( tickets ) pour in daily, and get closed by your support agents. As the days go by, you will find an ever increasing number of 'closed cases', but a relatively fixed size of 'open cases'. And usually (other than report purpose) you are only interested in these open cases. Thus by defining your view, or filter, to display open cases, can greatly speed up the app response timeView: In your view definition, select "Open Cases": image3 Filter: Or you can define your filter to show Open Cases by default: image4 image5
  4. Cut down your front page portlets to only what you need.
    This looks quite obvious, but we have users who display tens of portlets on the front page that they very rarely look at. Since the front page portlets uses AJAX delay rendering, a user may actually suffer speed penalty after he leaves the front page.
Find a specific page that is particularly slow? Let us know, and we can tune the page for you.

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