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A 10 minute Campaign Email Template FAQ
  • What is a Marketing Campaign?

You use a Campaign to send out emails to your clients. A Campaign always consists of

- an audience list: whom to send - a email template: what to send - a campgin schedule: when to send

  • I can send emails from EBSuite in other modules. Why do I need to use Campaigns and the Marketing Module?

- Non-campaign emails are meant to be sent to one client at a time, on a particular matter, like a support ticket, or a sales opportunity.

- Campaign emails are meant to be sent to a group of clients, mostly on a promotional or educational topic, like a newsletter, or coupon special.

  • What are the technical differences?

- Non-campaign emails are sent in real time, Campaign emails are always scheduled.

- Non-campaign emails have one To field, one Cc field, and the selected clients receive the same email. Campaign emails are sent to each client one at a time, and individually keyword merged.

- Campaign emails have to include an unsubscribe link ( CAN-SPAM act of 2003 ).

- Campaign emails have to include your corporate physical postal address ( CAN-SPAM act of 2003 ).

- Campaign emails honor Do-Not-Mail field , and unsubscribed list ( CAN-SPAM act of 2003 ).

- Non-campaign emails send images using direct http link ( remote images ), Campaign emails send images using in-email resource ( cid:... ) for better delivery. For more details, please see the " What is this ##IMG..## thing? And what is Remote Image? " below.

- Campaign emails can be scheduled, and this leads to EBSuite's powerful feature: the Blast Campaigns and the Drip Campaigns.

  • Does EBSuite offer any pre-built email template designs?

What a coincidence! We just published our first collection of template designs days ago. What made you ask?

  • What are those strange ##XYZ## tags?

In EBSuite email templates, all keywords are in the form of ##KEYWORD##. For example, in our templates you will see ##ORG_NAME##, and if your company name is "ABC Corporation", the email will be sent with "ABC Corporation" replacing "##ORG_NAME##".

  • In the pre-built email templates, what is this ##UNSUBS_URL##?

This is a special keyword. If you include this keyword in your email, EBSuite campaign engine will automatically replace it with the actual unsubscribe link at campaign delivery time. If you do not include this keyword, we will append the actual unsubscribe link at the bottom of your email at campaign delivery time. We are required to do this as a campaign software provider.

  • What is this #IMG...## thing? And what is Remote Image?

In a non-campaign email, an image is sent as a direct URL link. For example, if your original HTML email design says < IMG SRC = " ... " > , the email will be sent with < IMG SRC = " ... " >. We call this sending emails with remote images.

The problem with remote images, is a lot of email clients by default block them. Because to display them, your recipient's email client needs to go out and retrieve the images from the internet, and that poses a security risk to them.

Our campaign email template editor will parse through your email design, and replace all < IMG ... > tag with ##IMG...## tag. Then you will need to go through a simple "Specify Image" process, to map the images to "Materials". Once you've done that, your campaign emails will be sent using "In Email Resource", in other words the images will be sent as part of the email, and the recipient's email client would be able to display them as intended.

  • I have finished my template design. But with all these ##XYZ## thing, how can I tell whether the email will come out looking great?

The best way is to click on the "Test Email" icon (to the left of your template) from the template summary page. Make sure you receive the test email and the content is indeed what you wanted.


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