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A quick 5-minute FAQ for the organization retainer feature
 This is a follow up FAQ for our blog entry: Revenue Tracking for your Support Team

  • Are retainers always attached to Organization records?

    Yes, the retainer records are always attached at the organization level. It means one of your 'Organization' customer purchased a $... dollar retainer, and you want to work/charge against that retainer with cases for that organization.

  • I don't see it on my screen?

    You will need to use our 'Page Layout' tool, to put the 'Widget: Retainer Dollars /Organization' on both your Organization Detail screen, and on your Case Detail screen.

  • What is 'Widget: Retainer Dollars' and 'Widget: Retainer Hours'?

    Mos of our customers would probably want to use 'Retainer Dollars'. Use 'Retainer Hours' only if you calculate retainer purely on a time basis.
    Do not use both dollars and hours retainer for the same organization, as it will cause confusion for your agents.

  • Can I have multiple retainers for the same organization?
    You can have only one ACTIVE retainer for a given organization at any one time. In the widget interface you can see that once you create a new retainer, it marks all the previous retainers for that organization as  ?done / inactive?.

    When processing a case, you will only need to make sure the case is against the right organization. You do not need to worry about which retainer to charge against.

    On the organization detail page, you could reactivate an older retainer. So if you have to go back to an older entry, you could.

  • What are miscellaneous charges?

    Miscellaneous charges are dollar charges against a retainer that is not the result of a timesheet. For example there are material cost that you need to pay.

  • What about reports?

    Organization -> Reports -> Retainers Report - Dollars / Organization.

Click here to see a short video about the SLA Tracking Tool


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