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Marketing Templates w/ Local or Remote Images

When creating templates for your Marketing Campaigns you have some strategic choices on how to create the most effective email.

We've all received promotional emails, but have you noticed how many are flagged as "suspicious" or "possible SPAM" by your email inbox manager?  That is largely because emails with graphics rely on linking to third party servers that house the graphics in their emails.  That link to an outside server will sometimes raise a warning by the security filter of your inbox.

With EBSuite you can construct 2 types of email templates, one of which packages the graphics inside the email body to present the graphics without having to rely on external links.

Here are the differences between the HTML templates and the HTML w/ Remote Images:

Here is a short screen capture video on creating marketing templates with either approach.

Our best advice is to run some small tests.  There are other techniques for creating templates such as importing from a URL or a Zip file.


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