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Dependent Custom Fields

If you did not have the need to catalog and categorize your data you would not need an EBSuite database.  You already know how to create a field and assign a value that gives you a sure way to search and find the record of interest.

But suppose you want to categorize you records into a Major category, then based on the Major category selection, choose a sub-category.  For this you need to build 2 fields with a dependent relationship.

Review this short video to see an example from a Case detail

The Dependent fields allow you to determine the sub-category choices based on the major category pick.

To set up the field relationships go to the Admin > Custom Fields area to setup first the Minor Field with all of the choices, then the Major Field where you will limit the choices of the Minor Field based on the Major Field pick.

Great tool for keeping your data clean and easy to search.


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