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How to upload an image into an HTML Email

EBSuite uses an HTML editor in different functional areas:

  • When you compose an email
  • When you customize a template
  • When you edit a knowledge base article
  • ...

In all such places, you can use the HTML editor to upload / embed logos and images.

Step 1: Have your logo / image ready in common graphics format, like .gif, .jpg, .png

Step 2: Fire up the HTML Editor

Step 3: Click on the "Insert/Edit Image" icon in the HTML Edit Toolbar area

and in the popup window, select [Upload] tab,

Click on [Browse] to find the image on your hard drive, then click on [Send it to the Serer]. Then press OK when the image is uploaded.

Step 4: You should now see your image in the HTML editor. You can further adjust its size.


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