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QS4 - How to Customize the Page Layouts

How to customize the layout of the Organization/Contact pages.

The information is presented in two views, Edit and Read-Only . You may change the layout for each view and users role, administrator, representative, manager, and custom roles. To change the layout click on the Layout button.

The Layout button is located along the Key Info row on the right side for each Organization/Contact page your would like to change.

Or go to the Account -> Setup -> Organization/Contact -> Setup Page Layout.

Your EBSuite Account is designed to accommodate your data and present your data anyway you and your team desire.

The data layout choices controlled are limitless and can be changed for each and every Role in your organization.

Video LinkTo review the basics of Custom Field creation - click here 

Video Link To review the administrative task of placing the data fields in the pages - click here


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