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When to use a Contact List
  A Contact List is a collection of your selected contacts. You will want to use a Contact List when:
  • You have a (small) subset of Contacts that you want to keep constant communication, or
  • You need to do a Batch process, like send group emails, or assign calls, and you need a contact list to hold the target contacts.

A little more explanation on the second item. A lot of 'group / batch' process on Contacts are initiated from Contact Search Result: For example you can

  1. Do a contact search,
  2. Multiple select in the search result,
  3. Do a (Batch) Mail & Print, or do a (Batch) Assign, or do a (Batch) Add/Remove Sales Team

But there are times when your intended target contacts are not easily selectable from one straight forward search. In such scenarios, you will want to

  1. Create a contact list, 
  2. Do a contact search, multiple select search result, and 'Add to List' -> your new contact list
  3. Do another search, repeat above
  4. Manually add Contacts to list
  5. When your contact list is ready, do the (Batch) Mail & Print, or (Batch) Assign from the list.

To get started, navigate to Contact -> Lists.


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